FACTS: Parenting doesn't come with a manual.

All jobs comes with training manuals, rules, tools and guidelines except parenting? From my perspective, parenting is the most important job of all jobs.

"I don't know about you but, the only training my wife and I got was birthing class prior to the birth of our first born and that was only a two day event." 

This is the reason why the concept "Mindful Parenting" started. We are here to share with you simple, tried, tested and true effective parenting tools so you can feel composed  and confident guiding your children to greater achievements. 

PARENTS: Are you frustrated sometimes. Have you ever  wonder why children don't listen?

I'm sure you wish that you could truly understand them better?  Here is the good news, YES you can!


Through mindfulness, you can gain insight into why kids behave or misbehave.  When you get a hold of these insight , strategies and tools, then you can teach them and change their behaviours for good.


If you are in the GTA area then I will come to your house, otherwise we can chat on the phone, a zoom call. whatever it takes to give you an action plan to bring the order and calm you desire. This way you can enjoy parenting more and build a strong relationship with your child that will last a lifetime. 

Therefore we as parents must take the time to invest in ourselves and make time to train ourselves. 

PARENT “Job Description” is:


To train our children to behave properly and to function independently in the WORLD we are living in TODAY. AND we must get rid of the “Accidental Parenting Mindset” and train ourselves for The WORLD our children will be living in TOMORROW.

Accidental Parenting is when we are still using the old parenting tools in a world that we know and understand, but no longer exists.

This is the reason why most parents are so frustrated and parenting is becoming so difficult sometimes.

This is the reason why "Mindful Parenting Tool kit" equip parents with simple actionable "Parenting Tools" so parents and other caregivers can feel composed  and confident guiding their children to greater achievements. 

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