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This Step By Step Video Training Will Guarantee To Help Parents with:

Finally established control in your household

10X the love and emotional connection with your kids

Gain more confidence in your parenting skills

Sleep better. Less yelling. Less Nagging. Less Frustrations

Create that harmonic environment you always wanted for your family


Understand your child's core needs.

Increase your parent-child relationship.

Success Stories

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Click to play video

Have you ever had that 1 child, just giving you a hard time and caused lots of stress in the family? Then watch how this basketball coach went from family chaos to creating harmony at home.

Do you have multiple kids and find yourself frustrated by constantly yelling, reminding and nagging them? Watch this case study to see how you too can create harmony that you always desire for your family.

Are you a sports parent, who thought no matter what you do, the confidence is not there or gets worst? That can quickly turn around using the MPTK method, then watch this case study to prove it.

Start With Parenting On Demand"
Start With "Parenting On Demand"
Start With "Parenting On Demand"

Client Success Stories

Its’ been a year of growth through breaking down bad habits and adding tools to my toolbox and creating good habits. Since starting the program and working diligently through them. My relationships with my family has drastically improved and so have my confidence as a dad. Prior to this program people treated their children the way they were raised. There wasn’t any Blue Print to successfully raise children until now. I support this program 110%. I believe that anyone who is desires or believes in creating harmony at home and in their children minds so they can reach their full potential. This is the program in my humble opinion.

I can tell you that my kids couldn’t BELIEVE that I was their dad! They were blown away by my new approach and the house turned from a chaotic and angry home to a home that was now filled with love, peace and harmony! My kids have matured so much within the last year and are taking the initiative to be more responsible - I can’t THANK coach Oliver enough – he has made a HUGE impact on my life and my families life - this is something I will never forget!

I had the opportunity on being a part of the mindful parenting toolKit. These simple tools allow parents to manage todays kids without the yelling and frustrations they way our parents used with us. The tools allow the kids to feel more empowered that allows them to make their own decision and build their confidence. Coach Oliver ways of teaching and his passion towards better parenting really shows in his dedication to Mindful Parenting. I really enjoyed and still continue to enjoy through numerous interactions with him.

What's Included:

On Demand Video training for parents

A Powerful parenting tools to get results in 4 - 5 days

Practical Parenting Paybook for your parenting career

Parent Personality Assessment & mindful insights

7 Days of parenting inspirations & motivational emails

A Done-For-you Workbook for your parenting career

7 Day Accountability email to keep you on track

I'm Ready For "Parenting On Demand"

Tried, Tested and True Mindful Parenting Method

Our step by step On Demand Parenting Videos was designed to help you get your kids to listen and cooperate in just 4 - 5 Days. Our tried, tested and true formula for getting kids to listen, no matter what parenting skills you have, has been proven on hundreds of clients JUST LIKE YOU.

By combining our mindful parenting masterclasses, a practical online playbook along with our Done-For-you workbook, you will definitely experience fewer frustrations and more cooperations.

"Parenting On Demand" It Is


MY MISSION: My mission is to make a difference in society. To equip over 10 million parents with actionable tools in order to guide their children to greater achievements without getting frustrated.

The following expresses some important parts of who I am and what I believe:

I believe that every experience in life, the good and the bad and the ugly, can teach us something of value if we are Mindful. In my challenging times, I Believe that everything is a learning event. I believe that every person is created for a positive purpose. I believe that investing my time Empowering people is always a good use of my time and resources. I believe we make a better world when we make stronger families. I believe that with the right tools and Strategies, we can each handle whatever life hands us. I believe every moment with our child is a Teachable Moment, whether it's through observations or Mindfulness.

My Mission


What I Believe

MY BACKGROUND: I met my wife on the dance floor while I was in college. I have been married since 2007. Together we are enjoying raising our two school-aged children, a son and a daughter in Vaughan Ontario.

For more than 8 years I've worked in community centers in the City of Vaughan as a Basketball Head Coach, Day Camp Sports Counselor, Assistant Day Camp Director, Day Camp Director and Day Camp Coordinator. Through these experiences, I have developed my passion for mentoring children and coaching parents.

Volunteering is an important part of my life as well. Some of my activities include serving food for over 200 homeless people on Christmas day. Volunteer as a basketball coach since 2008 to 2020.

I'M A RECOVERED YELLER: I have 3 children (a 27 year old King, a 12 year old Prince and my 9 year old princess) I've been there, in the same shoes as parents who struggle with temper tantrums, kids not listening, whining, sibling battles and more.

This is the catalyst for developing Mindful Parenting ToolKit, it was my own realization that I had turned into the “yeller” that I swore I would never be. I became determined to find a better way. A healthier, happier means of raising great kids without losing control. I immersed myself in the study and principles of Adlerian Psychology and Positive Discipline. What I learned, was life-changing, Family changing and Powerful. What I knew, however, from my experience working in the community was that parents needed an easy-to-understand process and actionable steps so they can feel composed and confident guiding their children to greater achievements. This is where I knew I could make a difference.




The problem parents have is they’ve never been trained to handle kids in a positive way when they misbehave. Parents never had a manual to create harmony untill now. Just like employees can be taught new tools to be better workers, or to be more MINDFUL at work, parents can be armed with tools to effortlessly manage day-to-day discipline challenges so they can create harmony at home.

Workshops & Presentations are a terrific way to gain a greater perspective, learn new skills, meet Coach Oliver and learn more about why kid misbehave. We offer Parents workshops and presentations either in person through Zoom.

Your company or organization will benefit from employees who are less stressed and less frustrated by parenting problems. They will definatley achieve a better work-life balance.

Here’s how we can help: In person interactive presentation or through live streaming in your boadrooms. Parents will learn how to deal with Morning Hassles, Managing Bedtime Routines, Chore Wars, Solutions for Sibling Rivalry and many more.

Invite your employees to an interactive “Lunch & Learn” parenting event, a full-day training seminar, or anything in between. They’ll walk away from the sessions feeling empowered and prepared to tackle any discipline issue their kids can think of!

Coach Oliver talks about what SUCCESSFUL PARENTING looks like: Why is it important for parent to give kids more power. Why is it important for kids to have some control over their own lives.

Successful children have parents who are always working on their parenting skills. Their parents use these skills to enhance and encourage their child's abilities.

They create useful parenting tools to build the attributes their child needs to succeed. Successful children become successful adults who have high levels of self-esteem and self-worth. They have good character, morals, and values. Coach Oliver brings a refreshing perspective, practical tools and strategies, for handling parenting challenges so they can mentor and guide their kids to success.

Coach Oliver can offer an immediate intervention for a specific problem or a comprehensive assessment of your complex family system or groups. He regularly serves families or groups through Zoom aplication in workshop-like presentations.

The child-raising years can be some of the most demanding on a parent-child relationship when it comes to raising successful kids.

Coach Oliver offers your parenting groups, caregivers, teams or coaches inspiring presentations on some of the biggest disconnections between parents and children, which cause both parties to feel frustrated.

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The great law of experience.

You experience who you raise.

The law of creation.

Parents are the co-creators.

The law of Parental Humility.

You must accept what currently exist.

Law of growth.

When your child is growing, you should too.

The Law of Parental responsibility.

We must take ownership as parents

The law of connection. Connect with your child before you correct your child.

The Law of emotional engagement.

Be emotionally available to your child.

The Law of communicationship.

Control your emotions and build that strong parent-child relationship

The law of presence.

Get rid of the accidental parenting cycle.

The law of changes.

This is the law of actions. When parents take positive actions, they see positive results.

The law of PR:

Persistence and Reward.

Hard work pays off.

The law of BS:

Belonging and significance.



Vaughan, Canada

(647) 688-0485